Herefordshire Diamond Day offers unique chance to “talk to The Queen”

An ambitious plan to allow everyone at Herefordshire Diamond Day speak to The Queen at the same time is being drawn up by a local poet and organisers of the event.

In what will be a unique and original piece of theatre, Herefordians are being invited to come up with words or phrases which reflects The Queen’s 60 year reign.

Local poet Elizabeth Darcy Jones, from Bromyard, will then go through those that are submitted and draw out special words which sum up the special qualities shown by The Queen which will be put into a specially created poem.

“The poem, containing elements of poems submitted by local people, will be presented as a 60-second salute which will be choreographed for a simultaneous display by youth organisations,” said Chris Barltrop, from the Herefordshire Diamond Day organising committee, who has responsibility for organising the entertainment during the day.

“What’s so special is that all those on the King George V playing fields on Herefordshire Diamond Day will be encouraged to join in with the poem, so we’ll have thousands of voices taking part in a celebratory mass countdown of The Queen’s reign, with everyone there speaking directly to The Queen at the same time,” added Chris.

The idea for the poem was put forward by county poet Elizabeth Darcy Jones, and has received the backing of Lady Darnley, the Lord-Lieutenant for Herefordshire.

“Herefordshire Diamond Day is about everyone in our marvellous county,” said Lady Darnley, “and this special poem gives everyone a chance to join us in celebrating the wonderful occasion of the diamond jubilee and The Queen’s visit.

“This will be an event for everyone, and the collective poem gives everyone a chance to join in beforehand as well as on the day.”

Poet Darcy Jones said she was “thrilled’ that her idea had been adopted,” and added: “It’s poetry for the people, by the people!”

Contributions of words which people feel sum up the special qualities shown by The Queen during the last 60 years should be sent to, or posted to: Herefordshire Diamond Day, Brockington, 35 Hafod Road, Hereford HR1 1SH.