Diamond Jubilee Cup to inspire pupils at county schools and colleges

Youngsters who make outstanding contributions to the life of their schools or colleges will, for the first time, be in line to receive a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Cup this year.

The award scheme will become a legacy of this year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The cups will be presented to the youngsters who, in the eyes of their head teachers or principals, have given outstanding service to their schools or colleges.

The cups – 115 of them – have been engraved locally and will be distributed to schools and colleges by the Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire, Lady Darnley, who is to welcome The Queen when she visits the county on July 11, Herefordshire Diamond Day.

“This award scheme will become a wonderful legacy of this year’s celebrations and will continue to encourage students to go that extra mile and it will also serve as a reminder of the 60 glorious years The Queen has served the nation,” said Lady Darnley.

“I know that day after day many of our youngsters achieve great things through selfless hard work, determination and commitment.

“Often this is undertaken to help others through improving the quality of life at their school or college.

“This hard work can go largely un-noticed by the majority, so I hope that this award enables head teachers and principals to give public recognition to students who make an outstanding contribution to the life of their school or college who might otherwise be missed or overlooked,” added Lady Darnley.